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4851 - Barista!AU <3

"Some customers deserve to be punched in the crotch," Shouichi declared as he wiped the sweat off his forehead.

Spanner paid minimal attention to his co-worker’s actions and much more to the hissed words. “Byakuran again?” Spanner’s lips inched up into a smirk despite himself as he cleaned the counters. “What this time? Triple mint moccha with strawberry sauce on top?” 

"Something even more ridiculous," Shouichi huffed, weariness creeping into his tone as he went to lock the front door. "I just have no idea what that man wants. Clearly not a decent cup of moccha, that much even I can tell."

Spanner caught a glimpse of his friend, who looked extremely put off and irritated. Ah, the agitation that customer brought to the redhead… Spanner could hardly help the soundless snicker that escaped him. “Well, you know what they say… if you can’t fight them, join them.”


"Shouichi, your indoor voice, please."

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That’s fine! I said if you were up to it anyway~ Mind if I reblog this? I need more 1851 in my life. XD

hahah you didn’t rly need to ask, of course you can. Might try to expand that into a lengthy oneshot at some point, I don’t know. uvu

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✫ + 1851, 11 (and if you're up to it, Ugami+Shouichi, 6)

1851 - Barista AU

He was not meant for simple tailing missions. They were utterly boring, and Hibari Kyouya found no interest whatsoever in them — but he had come to the grudging conclusion that they were, as Sawada had agreeably admitted, a necessary evil.

In between tailing the target, he found himself enjoying a cup of decent tea in a small cafe whose only attraction, aside from the nice selection of teas which Hibari had gratefully taken note of, was a young man with hair of burning red. 

The only remarkable thing about the man was, actually, just the hair. Otherwise, he was meek and invisible, clumsy but not outright disaster. Clearly out of Hibari’s narrow field of interest. 

Yet, there was something that bothered him about the redhead — the green eyes (remarkable as well, for their color) followed Hibari more often than was appropriate… with a carefully blank look that Hibari had seen before on some occasions. 

Hibari frowned as the gaze settled on him — nearly unnoticeable, but Irie Shouichi was too obvious no matter how discreet he tried to be — and thought that perhaps he had found something of more interest than the meek middle-aged snitch. 


let’s do this au

yells leT’S 

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'yes we can' made me think obama and then aijabama

Aija for president 2018

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✫ 5251, prompt 14

14. Prison!AU

Embezzlement and murder were hardly similar crimes — except in motives — so why on Earth had he been put in the same cell as a murderer. 

Every day it felt like his nerves would snap; it was that unnerving to be in the vicinity of the one labeled as ‘Ghost’, whose silence was not very far from driving Shouichi up the wall - very ironic considering that once he had prayed for silence such as this!

Ghost’s eyes were blank, like those of dead fish, and there was no escape from them in the small cell — only books brought relief for Shouichi, as both he and Ghost often consumed them for the sake of passing the time and the valuable action of learning. 

But prison hardens people, and Shouichi too was no exception. 

The dead-fish eyes no longer bothered him, though he kept to himself. One day, he even ventured to ask something that had bothered him for a while.

"Why did you kill your brother?" 

Ghost, who was not much of a talker, seemed startled — but no anger or deep disturbance that Shouichi had expected was detected in Ghost’s face and body language. 

"Because he was my brother," came the slow, soft-spoken murmur; Ghost’s voice was raspy from the lack of use, the redhead noted. "I… had no other option."

Shouichi didn’t continue the conversation; perhaps he was disturbed by the sheer peace in Ghost’s voice or perhaps by the understanding that had welled within himself. 

He wondered - briefly - how much prison had changed Ghost… but that thought was cast away when the lunch time rolled by. 

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hail hooker aus

…urges to write more about this au 

remembers i have fics to work on ahahaha

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agamemnoncrying replied to your post: cursed-mist said:Hooker!AU Byakur…

can we play this au

yes we can 

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Hooker!AU Byakuran and Shouichi

"I said no." The words were spoken with such firmness that Byakuran had to admit that this was more difficult than what he had expected. 

"Oh, come on now, Shou-chan." Byakuran tilted his head upwards, looking up at Shouichi as he lay on the other’s bed as though it was his own. "One little dance, you know? Pop stars always make a comeback for one last gig."

Shouichi’s face was, curiously enough, more of an aubergine color than red. As if the thought nauseated him. 

"This. Is. Different." Each word was enunciated carefully through gritted teeth, slow and full of emphasis and a tad bit of pleading - please, just drop it. 

Clearly, the topic was a taboo.

Clearly, Byakuran would do everything in his power to get Shouichi back into the business. 

He was good at… negotiations, after all. 

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1. New Neighbors!AU
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7. Magic!AU
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9. Werewolf!AU
10. Zombie!AU
11. Barista!AU  
12. Hooker!AU
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14. Prison!AU
15. College!AU
16. Hair/Makeup Stylist and Actor/Model!AU  
17. Pretend Couple!AU  
18. Camp Counselors!AU  
19. Met In Detention!AU
20. Pen Pals!AU
21. Ghosts In Love!AU
22. God and Counterpart From Another Pantheon!AU
23. Brand New Step-Sibling!AU
24. Mundane/Domestic!AU

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