We have some new faces around, so I’ll set this out again.

I keep a fairly organised meme archive for especially interesting memes. It’s on a queue and has hundreds. Feel free to raid it or just use things as they post. (Keep in mind it’s only occasionally updated, I wait a month or so to fill the queue to the brim—this keeps it from inundating ya’ll’s dashes 24/7, too.)

There are a shitton of meme archives around, but a lot end up having drama of one sort of another at some point or die out early. :/ Also, you’re more than welcome to browse it without following. I don’t care LOL I hope it helps!

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"We can always skip the date stuff and move on to steamy make out."

"I’m not thAT KIND OF PERSON."

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Why does wearing suits make him feel so nervous.


"You look good. Wanna date?"


Why does wearing suits make him feel so nervous.

Damn you, thunder storm.

She was quiet when she'd approached the computer genius. Quietly leaning against his back. arms wrapped them selves around his waist. And her head gently rested on his shoulder. She didn't speak. She just held onto him. Currently just seeking that from the red head. someone to just hold. she'd shifted nuzzling against the crook of his neck and inhaling deeply before letting out a content sigh. "... you're warm" Was the only comment she'd made to him.

He was startled (not even by a little, but by a lot) when slender arms draped around his waist, and he nearly jumped before realizing from her voice that it was Chrome that held onto him. The realization proceeded to bring forth color to his cheeks — either from embarrassment or confusion.

"…Central heating is too, if it’s warmth you seek," he said cautiously, tilting his neck and stifling a laugh as her nose prodded a sensitive area. 

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khr + text posts

Do me a favor and reblog this if you don’t mind crack rps

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