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((Did you!? Yeyyy congrats! What’s it about? =D))


it’s a telemarketing thing, mostly selling subscriptions of magazines but also other products and so on

training starts on monday and MAN AM I RELIEVED

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masu-slepkava inquired:

Wellllll, you look younger than your actual age, you are also the kind of cute that I want to take home, keep in a cage and feel with a spoon and you always get teased by those older than you. <3

"Those are all very subjective arguments, Byakuran-san! ‘Look younger’ means nothing, and the rest is just you being creepy! And me being unlucky enough to hang with people slightly older than me, but again, that’s purely coincidental."

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masu-slepkava inquired:

Shou-chan, denial is a very bad thing, love. You should be more open with yourself, accept what you are.

"Give me one decent argument which proves that I am a shota. One decent argument, Byakuran-san. I bet you can’t find any.”

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shiftermari inquired:

"Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer."

"A tip that I followed loyally at some point."

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masu-slepkava inquired:

I foooooound you, shota booty. Get it together and bring it back to me.


my kink is panties get your facts straight

one of them, at least.

wouldn’t put it past you.

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are u that desperate to make everyone into shota so that you get your kink

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proof of what? his shotaness?


because he. is. not. 

a 12yo also has fully developed testicles and you don’t call him a man

full liver capacity to handle alcohol then 

what exactly do you need as proof

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