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atekyo Hitman Reborn, Shoichi Irie
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ok so does anyone want to rp with me here

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I wrote weird porn for Aija - have it


Pair: Mukuro and a pineapple
Warning: wtf in the best kind; i can’t write for shit
Reason why: Aija said Aki’s reaction might be good

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We have some new faces around, so I’ll set this out again.

I keep a fairly organised meme archive for especially interesting memes. It’s on a queue and has hundreds. Feel free to raid it or just use things as they post. (Keep in mind it’s only occasionally updated, I wait a month or so to fill the queue to the brim—this keeps it from inundating ya’ll’s dashes 24/7, too.)

There are a shitton of meme archives around, but a lot end up having drama of one sort of another at some point or die out early. :/ Also, you’re more than welcome to browse it without following. I don’t care LOL I hope it helps!

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"We can always skip the date stuff and move on to steamy make out."

"I’m not thAT KIND OF PERSON."

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Why does wearing suits make him feel so nervous.


"You look good. Wanna date?"


Why does wearing suits make him feel so nervous.

Damn you, thunder storm.