List of possible AUs


  • Ice Cream Shop - who doesn’t love ice cream? Character A might own it, with character B becoming a regular.
  • Roadtrip - a spur of the moment roadtrip is ahead, maybe both characters are already in on it, or character A might meet character B at a rest stop.
  • Medieval Times - it may have been done a thousand times, but still, why not? Dragons, witches and knights infect the land, letting you go for whatever you please.
  • Phobias (ie: thunderstorms, spiders, etc.) - Character A may have a crippling fear, needing to be comforted by character B. Let the fluff ensue.
  • Babysitting - maybe character B is not trusted home alone, and character A is hired to watch over.
  • Fantasy Creature - who can hate a mermaid or centaur? Okay, someone out there probably does, but that can’t stop you.
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                          ⊰ Paramnesia ⊱

First off, I just want say how much fun this community has been! Colorful characters, with an amazing story line, we’ve been strong for the past year, since I joined. However, there is something that has been a concerning trend, an amount of partners coming and going, as well people feeling ‘left out’.

Of course, I’ve noticed this as well. Many reasons can surface, from school to stress, yet the top one is being left out of the excitement. As we all know, this happens. We have our favorites, we have our shipping partners, and we tend to know who is who. Yet, this can make others feel intimated, or even feel alone. That’s unacceptable!

This struck hard with me. So, I’ve been trying to find a solution, or something to help the fandom come back from this rut. Sadly, the series has ended, and there is no more plots to go on, besides a few AUs.

Although, don’t you wish there was a new arc? A new set of villains, or even new members to all the famiglias? Or even just new stuff! I may have a solution for the community! The new arc name I came up with, Paramnesia! Now, the name might be kind of lame, but that’s what I’ve come up with.

If this catches your interest, great! This is going to require a lot of dedication, work, and everyone’s input! Everyone can join this new story line! Yes, I know there is the issue of multiple people with the same muse! That is ok! This idea is in its infancy, and we can make this a reality! I have a new villian set, but I’m open for ideas for new members for his famiglia/group.

Nonetheless, I will not put out any information till I know that a good amount of the fandom community wants this, or it catches attention! Spread this post around! Let me know! This can be something refreshing the KHR community has been waiting for!~

The Unknown Arcobaleno || Closed RP



Kosimo blinked for a moment, shielding his eyes from the bright sunlight as he stepped out of the doorway of the little coffee shop he’d slipped into a while earlier. He stood there for a moment, letting his eyes adjust first before he sighed softly, and then turned and headed down the sidewalk, coffee in one hand. He usually wasn’t much of a coffee person, but he’d been much more tired as of lately. Maybe he was coming down with something. He hoped not, but it wouldn’t have been the first time he’d ever gotten sick, so it wasn’t really the end of the world. Another sigh as he reached the corner, glancing downwards for just a moment to adjust his tie. He was just starting to glance up again and take another step to round the corner when… SMACK! Someone slammed into him, effectively spilling his coffee all over his shirt (as well as the pacifier around his neck), or at least half of the cup. “Ahhh! Gosh dangit..” He was still too busy fussing over his shirt to glance up to see who it was who had actually run into him in the first place just yet.

The day had been bright and hot, and for once he had gotten out of the office for the sake of getting some coffee and snacks from somewhere else than the office. It was rare, but it occurred sometimes — that Shouchi would step outside and walk for the nearest cafe to get something to drink and maybe a doughnut to eat.

Of course, he was tired from all the anxieties that kept him up day and night, so the following incident could be blamed mostly on that — the incident being Shouichi walking and bumping into someone the next moment when he had been turning to go for the cafe.

"—Ahck!" he made a sound as he stumbled and staggered in attempt to regain his balance, his heart pounding from the scare of bumping into someone, and recoiled away when he saw the coffee stains on the other’s shirt, not yet paying mind to the pacifier as he was still a bit disoriented.

"Ah, I’m sorry…!"

The face you make when you realize you made a hilarious typo on your smartphone but you already fucking sent that message.

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Whipping his hair back and forth Shou-style.



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You should figure out something soon, then. Otherwise I might have to choose for you~

That’s not how gifts work, Byakuran-san.

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               ”ι нεαя тнε sтαяs  
                                           { ẘ ♄ ḯ ṧ ρ ℯ ґ ї η ℊ }  үσυя  ηαмε,

     тεℓℓιηg мε тнαт  {ωε’ℓℓ }

                                                             sтιℓℓ вε    tσgєthєr     
                                                                                         ιη тнε ᴇɴᴅ.”


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                         нσмє   ||   αѕк   ||   αвσυт  ||   яυℓєѕ

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